Yellow Dog

A gambler indulges in the gambling world and doesn’t care about what really happened. He has to flee because he cannot pay his gambling debts. Without a penny, he intends to sell his niece’s puppy to a butcher for escape.

  • Shortfilm, 12 minutes
  • As Screenwriter and Director
  • Award: BonDance International Film Festiva 2023, Finalist
yellow dog's poster

Say my name

Aying, a middle-aged woman, wants to find the letter written by her lover, but she can’t recall who he is or tells the name of the lover since she has AD.

  • Short Film, 34mins
  • As co-writer
  • Director: Francis Ng
  • Aired in 2021
A still of Say My Name

Taste of Home

Tang Xin hasn’t been home for Chinese New Year in several years because of the parents’ significant birth stress. She loves but constantly opposes her parents. She decides to skip the family’s spring festival because her doctor’s husband needs to stay in the hospital to treat Covid-19 sufferers. Her parents brought her some handmade food to welcome the new year at this time.

  • Shortfilm, 10mins
  • As screenwriter
  • Director: Minjie Huang
  • Award: The gold medal in the 14th Shandong Short film Competition
Poster of Taste of Home

Heart Arrest

A boy has waited for the girl who lets him feel the heartbeat for days. Finally, he closes to her, and his heart is overwhelmed when the girl sees him.

  • Short Film, 5mins
  • As screenwriter
  • Director: Zhou Liang
  • Aired in 2022
Heart Arrest short film's poster ,from BFA